Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Way to jesus feet

It was a cold winter evening. I was back from my institute after working and reading in my library. I had hot cuppa chai in the shop near the institute. It was wind which was biting that I could hardly resist shivering. I steadfastly reached my apartment.
We friends planned to visit church. Six of us traveled on respective bikes. After searching for the location, we found the way to don bosco church close to IBM daksh BPO . As we entered, we saw the communion had just started and church was brimming with life. People were religiously praying. Women and little kids were singing carols and novena hymns. Father spoke few lines on lord jesus sacrifice and his power. We followed his prayer and uttered Amen at the end of it. I saw the ancient arts and photographs, images of mother mary and jesus hung on the wall. We prayed for sometime by touching father’s feet and holy mary’s feet. The beautiful flowers were spread across the benches and idols. I took the novena book which was lying on the bench I sat. I read few prayers and worshipped to my hearts content. “ Lord with your resurrection and sacrifice, you have set us free” – a quote written on the wall besides jesus idol. The candles in the candelabra was shining brightly and sparks of positive powers flew from it.
My whole experience of church was amazing and memorable. Taking into account the purity and sanctity, blessed by jesus and spiritually composed, we all set off back to our place.
Jesus is our father. He is our pal. He is our well wisher and all that you could ask for.
May his blessing accompany mankind.

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