Friday, November 21, 2014

Confession of a Teacher

As this is my second year in teaching world, let me share with you interesting things about teaching.

Teaching is the prime job which has evolved right from the beginning. Our best and kindest teacher is our mom. Without her, one would have never been able to judge between right and wrong. Parents moulded us and imbibed the right values, isn't it?

Siblings - If you have a over achieving sibling then problem comes uninvited as you get to listen on how they have succeeded and how you should be like them. They are the role models you agree or disagree. Whatever it is, even while fighting and caring, these bunch of siblings promises to give you much to learn from each other.

Next are the set of teachers who gave us values in our curriculum and made our CV stand apart from others.

Our peer groups - We always hear that one should be in right peer group or circle. Why? because they are also included in the circle of influence. They give us everyday thoughts and learnings that one learns along with pleasure and fun.

Wrong people - We should thank them as they tell us how not to be.

Our spouse - Love teaches us too. Not being critical on love as I respect love in my walks of life. Love is not all mushy. Love teaches us to be brave. Love teaches us not to be rude and impolite. Above all Love teaches us to love more.

Students are so smart and alert that they will grow and prosper if one gives proper teaching and imparts knowledge in a right way. I love my students and enjoy this world of education, stationery, paper, computer, labs and etc.

Teach well, Learn well.

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  1. Very true :) I also think I learn from students too. They see something from a perspective that I don't. And sometimes, that perspective makes a whole lot of sense.