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Why children need their playtime?

Playtime is very essential for children especially in the growing age. We should make every effort possible to engage them in outdoor play. Children need to be in the outdoor space in order to show the signs of improvement in their cognitive as well as physical growth.

But what are the key effects or positive impact of a quality playtime on children.

Company matters
We know a companion brings a change in our behavioural patterns. Infact in every walk of life, we need a good circle to help us build right manners, improve our intellectual capacity and bring in a welcome change in our conduct, in front of the society. Same goes for children. Children need to be around the children of their age group. Playing and being with other children helps them know the value of sharing and caring. They will know what is compassion and empathy by being around with other children. Compassion is very difficult to teach and it is learnt only by observing. We should lead by example in imbibing this value in them. The most effective step is making them play with others. The space shared with other children will help them understand others and also show what lies in their own comfort zone and what does not.

Conflict management
Conflict lies out of the comfort zone isn’t it? Home is the inviolate space for most of the children. So conflict lies out of their homes. For example, play time also involves lot of fights, quarrels and petty squabbles, leaving us parents in a turmoil. It is a human tendency or call it a parental instinct to lend a support to our child in these times. Some scold their children, some forbid them from playing and some hover around at each point, suffocating them. In the process of protecting our children, we forget what is necessary and good for them and become an overbearing influence. Some conflicts need intervention but not all. More often, children make up soon. What we can do is have a talk with them when their emotions are not running amok and their brain is more integrated. Let’s tell them that the idea of conflict is okay and normal but it should not hamper the friendship or a bond that they share with the other children. Let them handle the conflict in their own way. Every day is different so play time gives us a perspective of our own children when they are in the conflict situations.

Emotions at play
To lead the previous point, perspective is very essential for us parents to know our children in a more personal way. Play time gives us an insight and reveal a great deal about their behaviour and their character traits. Do they rule or dominate the group? Are they stable and secured? Do they pick fights more often? Are they generous and kind toward others? Are they gentle towards other’s feelings? Are they often hurt and are victims of fear or neglect? So many thoughts echo when we are at the park, observing them play with others, isn’t it? The play time helps us to know the unknown emotions that lay hidden or dormant, and make us more aware about our children. Once we get to know, we can be an anchor, guiding them to tread slowly and mindfully reach the safe harbour.

Playtime is not only fun and rewarding but also becomes an eye opener for us parents. It will reveal much about our children that we might otherwise have never noticed. So, pull every stop and make sure that your child gets adequate play time. It will not only enrich their life but also shapes them to become a better and integrated individual.


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