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The Tale of Chitrapur and a Rabbit

Once upon a time, far away on the other side of Chitrapur, there lived a kingdom of Bansari. Bansari was the rich and prosperous king. He was known to be very kind with his subjects. The village under him and its villagers were not prospering and the people were not happy. Though he put lot of effort for his subjects and their happiness, it did not seem to work and somehow it backfired. They drowned in sorrow and lost themselves to ill-health. They often complained and fought with each other. The king saw that his people remained unhappy and wanted to do something to better the situation. He called all his experts and asked to assemble them on one evening. It was a full moon day and the king thought that waxing moon would bring some light on his villager’s lives and end their suffering.
The court was filled with chief advisors. Also, many people came to witness the meeting. The king sat on his throne. He discussed the pressing matter which came in way between him and his sleep. He to…

Why Validate with a hug!

Smile no,  a quickened surge of excitement,
whatever but no coy word here i write
As it shakes my firmament
Maybe drawn to affection, first love that's right

But why a need to validate?
With a hug called as warm embrace

It won't smoothen the crumpled fabric
What if it might form a fabric of its own

It won't justify the broken promises of the past
What if it might make a new promise that our lifetime would want to hold

It won't unfurl the pages pressed in between the books
What if it might write a whole story on those pages leaving it untitled

Why a need to validate it?
With a hug!

It won't wipe the tears of the eyes
But it might live as a smudge of the mascara post tears

It might burn down the ashes of the physical need
What if it ignites the need of the soul?

What if makes the heart stutter,
Releasing the prisoned feelings and making it flutter

What if it would form the lump in the throat that will refuse to die down

Why,  a need to validate?
With a hug!

Why ca…

Why children need their playtime?

Playtime is very essential for children especially in the growing age. We should make every effort possible to engage them in outdoor play. Children need to be in the outdoor space in order to show the signs of improvement in their cognitive as well as physical growth.
But what are the key effects or positive impact of a quality playtime on children.
Company matters We know a companion brings a change in our behavioural patterns. Infact in every walk of life, we need a good circle to help us build right manners, improve our intellectual capacity and bring in a welcome change in our conduct, in front of the society. Same goes for children. Children need to be around the children of their age group. Playing and being with other children helps them know the value of sharing and caring. They will know what is compassion and empathy by being around with other children. Compassion is very difficult to teach and it is learnt only by observing. We should lead by example in imbibing this value…