Friday, March 15, 2013

He and She: Ishq Sufiyaana!!

Samriti had to go back to her hostel in Bangalore. She had come to her hometown after the midterm exams. She was not feeling well as she was down with fever. But somehow she had to reach Bangalore. Her deficiency in attendance meant a huge loss as her college would debar her from placements.  Her parents asked her to cancel the journey and leave once she recovers. 

At the same time, she received a call from her best friend Mahesh. She told him that she is leaving for hostel on that day. She talked with him for some 30 minutes and started packing her bags. She messaged him that she is not well and don’t know how she would manage to go. He scolded her and asked her to listen to her parents. Her cell was flooded with his messages asking her the health state, how she was feeling, whether she was able to reach properly. He thought that she was accompanied by her parents to the bus stop. Having known that she was alone in this state, he insisted that he would accompany her to Bangalore. She smiled as soon as she read the message and asked him that she could manage and she will let him know once she gets back safely.

But all the while in her journey, she was thinking of him. The way he got panicked, the way he scolded her, the way he took the right and liberty on her, the way he insisted on accompanying her to her hostel. What was it? Whether it meant more than the friendship? Thinking and smiling on her way back, she was fast asleep. His care towards her indeed made her feel good and better. 

This is not a work of fiction. Based on a true incident.


  1. Let his care be cared by her.Good.

    1. Thanks Rudra........It means a lot. Yes surely without his care, life has got no meaning.:)

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