Sunday, April 21, 2013

Peaceful Sunday: Patience

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it open. 
Arnold Glasgow, American humorist.

Patience. Taking it slow. In today’s life, one has totally forgotten these things.  Many of us struggle with impatience. At times, even I do. But this leads to many lifestyle diseases which is taking rounds in the city.  One should know that getting impatient would not solve any problem; instead it deteriorates one’s health. It raises our stress level, causes physical harm to our bodies and further damage relationships. It’s very difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time or focus vanishes when we become impatient. A disturbed mind leads to impatient actions. More importantly stress leads to impatience which further leads to stress. Like a circle, it never stops and there is no end point. At the length, it takes us to the dangerous zone. What we don’t know is impatience slows down the process and leads to constant worry. In that process, none of the work gets finished as well as the time taken to finish the task would accelerate.

There is a Spanish Saying:

No por mucho madrugar amanece más temprano
Getting up very early won´t make the sun rise any sooner

You have to understand that things would take their time to happen no what what. As they say, “ the early bird does not always catches the worm.

Signs of Impatience:

Doing too many things at a same time.
Talking to people and fidgeting with their phones/ mobiles.
Not maintaining eye contact and rolling one’s eyes while talking.
Getting irritated or shouting while working on something and etc....

4 Ms or Measures to take it slow:

1.    Prioritize your tasks. Allot time for the given tasks. Write down the tasks and how you want to execute it. After each accomplished tasks, tick out the task done.

2.    Learn to say no if someone asks you to finish some of the tasks when you already in midst of something. A firm NO is better than unfinished tasks which you have committed to someone.

3.       Take up few tasks and execute it well. “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. And moreover, you require time to finish the work in an organised or structured way. Too many tasks in hand would lead to chaos .

4.       Practice deep meditation or yoga to help you feel calm and make you patient at work. In a long run it will help you manage things  at a good pace and one will not feel stressed up after doing set of task.

A Happy and peaceful mind can attain many things. Cheers, Have a great Sunday.


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    1. True, Sharanya. Impatience increases the patients' number.