Friday, April 26, 2013

The Garden of Hope

Standing near the garden, she heard someone call out her name twice
She came to her senses and saw her child sigh
Little layers of dust surrounded the porch
She thought it was none other than her man’s shoes
Searching, looking for him she ran and stood near the window
Seeing empty porch, she hid her face under the pillow
Streams of tears danced on her cheeks, slowly wiped her child with her tiny fingers
Rains lashed the city with her muddy stench,
But she cannot forget those 5 years and what happened that day at her garden’s bench
He  was holding a diamond ring with bouquet of roses
Ready to propose her, and they took snaps with many poses
All was a dream which gave her an ache and rosy memories
But her child was the only purpose which would erase her agonies
Slowly she pulled her face up to see her life
Hugging her with full of joy she smiled and was determined to live her life

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