Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Voice of my Coffee Mug...............In her own words.

I gave you comfort
When you were lonely
I quenched your thirst
When you were thirsty
Be it books, be it friends
Or be it conversations
To you, I was the central attraction
Dreamy days passed, sleepless nights faced
I was there with you in each and every low phase
You used to hold me like your own baby
At times, I came first in comparison to your hubby
Conspiracy you planned, secrets you whispered
I listened to it and never did I share
You wrote poems and prose
I stood by your side, the evening when the sun had set and the morning when the sun rose
Always have kept you on your feet
My taste matched yours and you have always danced with me for every single beat
The scent of me you inhaled
That gave you enough spirit whenever you tried and fail
Sometimes black, sometimes bitter, sometimes sugary or sometimes with more milk
Every time you poured, I kept silent and never did I sulk
Jokes that you cracked with your pals,
I often gave a smirk and a hearty laugh
When the rain gods showed mercy,
You took me in your arms and wrote endlessly
Your verses got better and better with every sip and lick
 Today suddenly where your emotions towards me hid?
 Now that she arrived, you have abandoned me
 May be my colour has faded or maybe I have grown old
 But I am still ‘Me’ and will give you great company
 Because of me, your ideas get sold
 I solemnly listen to my equal jump in joy
I did not come to your life as a toy
Listen to my emotions, wipe my tears
Embrace me and Treat me like your peer
Love and warmth, from you I procured
I always have felt secured
Today I wait patiently enough
For you to lift me and say to me that I will always love you that our relation is solid and tough

Today I wait patiently enough

Today I wait patiently enough.........

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