Friday, October 25, 2013

White Beauty

That white beauty shines on us
But we couldn’t stop smiling and we give a sigh thus
Seeing it wrapped in white satin with a snowy muslin
Delightful pleasure we are in
Bigger and bigger each night its spark grows
Within it are our little finery and big hopes
Things we possess and things we aspire
Grows small when we take a look at it and admire
Bliss you were, bliss you will be, you look like a white silk
We bow to you, our prayers we offer to you and never would we sulk
I neither know the night nor does the day complete without you
You offer rest to the scorching sun, the lovers seek ecstasy by walking with you
Thy comfort thou give, your name Bonnie and I give that to you
My world, my life, my pretty view, let all surround you.


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