Saturday, February 8, 2014


What are Curtains? There are many things I would like to share about them. It is a closure to any drama or play.  It is way of shutting your house from the eyes of the external world. It has the colourful patterns which suit your house‘s colour scheme. It is a mere substitute of window panes. A soft cotton or linen, lying low which has so many definitions and meaning attached to it which never ceases to amazes me. People are just like curtains. When they feel good about themselves and want to be showy or flamboyant, they open up themselves to others. At the same time when they are caught up in midst of trouble, bankruptcy, breakups, or any emotional upheaval, they tend to shut themselves in their cocoon. Their minds have become curtains.

Curtains find a way to the heart. When I shut my windows using curtains, there seems no light passing through it. The entire room becomes dark. Just like that, if I shut myself from experiencing happiness that universe has unfolded towards me, I choose to live in the dark. Opening the curtains that is our heart gives us a chance to live our life and enjoy it with full zeal. Closing it would just suffocate you.

When we wake up in the morning, we tend to pull the curtains aside so that we would get to see our sun-god. Sun has a nature to shine upon us giving a light to many matters. In a way, Curtains help us to reach to that podium. Let’s open our heart curtains and not live in fear or apprehensions. This will pave us a way to reach greater heights in life and attain higher goals. Stopping us from achieving is just like shutting our heart curtains. Our minds will get blocked; our hearts will not welcome any new talent. In short, there would be no infusion of new air or wisdom. Thus, making us like a static pole.

We have found a comfort zone living behind the curtains and not trying anything new. We want to join new hobby classes, learn new instrument, new language, dance our heart out, try new recipes from cook book. We don’t try anything of this thinking that what if outside world will get to know, what if I would not be able to dance properly, what if people would criticize me for not doing it properly. These What-Ifs are a huge curtains standing in front of us and not letting us live in our own style.  The stereo typical way of living pattern has drawn a never ending curtain before us that we are scared to try any new bunch of things.

Curtains are a sense of privacy. A freedom to live the way we want to live. It protects us from the societal eyes. The beautiful curtains should be drawn and pulled aside frequently to experience the light of day and night. Similarly, We should shut and open our heart curtains in order to grow and prosper.

"Curtains are like soft walls
When we draw them, no light crawls
It opens like a new heart
Waiting to get some attention
It is covered like the way
Others do when they are in dearth of love
Like the panes, it does not break
But when it is torn, we surely get an ache
Smooth and silk, – like fabric it is
Tends to dance with the tunes of the breeze
Some are neutral, some are colourful 
Suiting house’s decor, making one joyful
Carefully woven cloth, they have florals and are attractive
Sometimes used to cover any devious motive
For me,
Sense of Privacy, it is
Gives a freedom, whatever colour or design it is!!"

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