Thursday, February 13, 2014

I don’t go blank at seeing you – My Blank Page

“Walk through the pages of a book and
you’ll find char­ac­ters, like old friends
in the cor­ri­dors of time— Gulzar in his book “Half a rupee”

What is it about blank page which entices me? It’s plain and clean slate. Or it’s state of nothing. As a writer, blank page plays a big role in my life. Every time I open my laptop and click on MS-word to pen down my thoughts and ideas, there comes a plain and blank page in front of me. A white blanket starts to attract me. Every artist must be feeling the same when he looks at the blank canvas which is standing ready to get drenched with the beautiful colours that the artist would be pasting on it. I want to reveal a secret of it too. When I look at this blank page, I keep on wondering a minute or two. Then the ideas run down from my heads to my fingers and quickly my blank page begins to have its shadow. That is known as words. Many of my stories were built in the same manner. No extra efforts but just concentrating on a blank page. Blank page is incomplete without any words on it. They both definitely complement each other in a big way. Blank pages can be connected to life too. When we start living our life, we have many things to worry about, laugh about, and spread joy around. Same way, the blank page is read to absorb the matters you pour on it. It can be productive information, colourful graphics and pictures, a love letter to someone, or a certificate certifying success and achievement or a divorce and death document. It has all the things which can be well signified in relation to life.  Every blank page has its own story. As we meet our new friends in our daily walks of life. In the same way, we find different characters and thoughts written intensely in those blank pages. 

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  1. I love the way you have presented your thoughts on a blank page here <3