Friday, August 8, 2014

Floors - Strong Indeed to hold your memories

“I did not fall. The floor just needed a hug” - Anonymous

Have you ever imagined what your floors thought about you and your family? Floors have ears. Oh, I don’t mean to get spooky. We have heard about walls though the literal meaning we haven’t gathered a bit to think about. But what if it is true or provides something to mull.
Floors are constructed to provide a base and structure to the buildings or any rooms. This is a definition which we have stuck to till date. For me it is beyond that. Floors are not mere constructions but it weighs your emotions and feelings. Every family lives and goes and leaves some of their parts or memories which floors grabs and gets it into it. The happy or sad memories show I n the way the floors look. Some of them are cracked. It means the memories were so happy and mirthful that after the family leaves, the floors have cried and have jumped into sadness. Some are very clean. This too has an explanation. It means the person staying was not a sharing sort and kept all things to himself that the floors did not get any hint of his emotions or feelings.  
As we think that our house has something to say about us or the family that has stayed, floors do have its own explanations and briefs to give about the concerned persons.
Each tile is not only measured with the feet but also with the emotions and stories that has been weighed on it.

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