Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Goodbye divided by Hello is never Zero

"Learn to say goodbye at the right time to the wrong person before it is too late to say hello to the right person."

Goodbye is the new beginning in one’s life. As our conventional wisdom says, it is the end of the entire good as well as bad thing; most likely, it is the mark of a new start. As she headed towards the door, she bid goodbye to her loved one at her place. When she started walking on the road, she met few people who greeted her with hi’s and hello’s. The one goodbye gives you an opportunity to say so many hellos. She walked towards the exit of her office in the evening. Once she reached her home, she met her folks and wished them hello. The circumstance above says that new hello always follows old goodbye. Never fret upon one goodbye. It is good enough to let go the past and let the evil figures sleep in peace. Say goodbye. Mean it. Wait for a few days. New hello will come through. Byes are always meant to be good as it is named as goodbye. Another reason that the new and fresh leaf is always turned once we say it through our mouth.

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