Saturday, July 12, 2014

HOPE is good in all measure

"Just like this light, the power of hope lays deep in your heart. Ignite it and feel its presence and glow in you"

There exists pain in all of our hearts. Yet, we continue to live with hope. The hope carries us throughout our lifetime. That hope which makes us succeed in our everyday battles, that hope which lay beside us in our bed when entire world goes into the shell of sleep, that hope which shuns our worries and make us look forward to a new day, that hope which erases our negative thoughts and gives us a shine of wisdom, that hope which pats at your back just like any of your beloved does, that hope which stands for you when life falls apart, and that hope which eases your mind and encourages you when everyone laughs at you. We all had our sacrifices and compromises. Some were mutual and some were not so pleasant but this white beauty called hope glitters at that time too. The darkness sways and dances to glory but hope never gives up on you. The evils of failure are won with this hope. The light of hope will never fail and make you warrior of all. The tale will never end as the hope sustains and blooms into a new flower. The micro and macro battles are easily made into a victory by hope. Hope is inbuilt in you. Discover the covered corner and pull that hope which lay into the intrinsic corner of your heart. To envelop your heart from bad weather and fair weather friends, you need HOPE.

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