Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stories - Piece of us

Stories are not just a creation of writers but it is a part of their souls. Stories of happiness and sorrows, stories of victory and failure, of breakups and togetherness come together and forms a fully painted picture.  Thus, giving a  meaning to that soul. Stories happen each day and each moment. Each and every day if planned gives us a well planned and formatted story and if it not planned then gives an accidental planned picture which gives birth to uncalled events. Those events delight us or gives us an unpleasant surprises. As it has bits and pieces of every emotions that are tied together in a string, it stands tall and lofty to get noticed. Some days are like  sunshine which glows and some are like dark tunnel which has seamless darkness spreading shadows of hope. stories pave the way to our heart and brings a smile to our faces but some gets into our nerves waiting to be erased from our heart and mind. Stories are smaller constituents of our souls which forms a bigger part called life. Characters of the stories build the plot and make it strong. At the same time, the stories give each character a defined role to play and grow in that territory, also to carve a niche in whaterver role they are offered. they give each character a sense of identity and purpose which holds together. They give them a gripping part to play and rule. Life is to be created into a story and stories give life - a life and heart.   

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  1. Beautifully written.A new insight into stories Thanks