Monday, September 8, 2014

And my Peace was disturbed

Peace was when she raised a storm every night
Peace was when she argued incessantly over any subject
Peace was when she broke two to three glass bowls a day
Peace was when she gave a killing treatment by remaining silent
Peace was when she fought with me
Peace was when her blood boiled due to me
Peace was when she never kept our house in order
Now my peace is disturbed
As she lay there with her eyes closed
As she remained silent now
As the house was in order with things all in its place
As the blow of the wind was calm
As her body fell leaving only smoke
As my heart felt a crack seeping in
As my soul left with her
And my peace is disturbed
She was the only piece which fitted in the jigsaw puzzle of my heart
And she was gone forever
And looked back never

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