Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Sultry Night - Part one

It was a sultry night and moon had done its role in shining and showering hues of romance on the earth. Divya whispered sweet nothings in his ears and smiled. Her long hair fell on her bare back and she looked extremely sensuous. The nude lips and innocuous smile made her lover want her more. He winked at her and got up at once to leave. She tried to stop him but he would just not listen. At last he left her in the dark room. Just the moon beaming at her. Her eyes were moist and tears glowed like pearls. Though the city was dark, the moon spread its blanket of shine and it fell on her bare back. She smiled. She had a lovely and a loyal companion, the moon, in her lonely nights. What were in those eyes? One could not tell.
Divya got up from her bed and sat near the balcony. The quaint fashioned room did look beautiful. She hurriedly wrote a letter to her friend Sheema. Tears rolled down her cheeks when she wrote each and every word. Only her friend could take her out of this mess, she thought firmly. Her husband betrayed her. He brought her to this mess. She pulled her diary from her bag and flipped pages to find out the number of her Sheema. All her belongings were destroyed by her husband when he brought her to this place. Only this old diary was saved from that monster. And there she got her friend's number.  

Fate was not in her favour, Divya thought for a while. Calls were unanswered. The letter she had written to Sheema had come back. Then where was she?  Had she shifted to a new place?  Why hadn't she called her? Divya's head spinned. She went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee to soothe her mind. A thought occurred to her. How could Sheema call when her phone and everything was destroyed? This was her new life which gave only sadness.
Night came with its own saga. She loathed the nights but those were the only moments when she could shed bucket full of tears without getting noticed. The sorrow came like a thief in a night, enough to steal her from herself. Divya lost everything. Her family saw death in the earthquake. She missed her family a lot. Somedays, she thought she would just leave this world forever. But, not at a cost of her child. A child which is seeing lot of dreams in her womb and in months time, would be in flesh and bones. She may not have answers about child's father but at least aimed to give a good life to her child. She had done a diploma course in Fashion designing. It was her dream to become a good designer but fate played its own role and brought her to this abyss.
The mystery of her friend disturbed her a lot. She couldn't sleep properly at night. Sometimes,s he would wake up with a nightmare related to her friend. She thought, all this should stop at once. She determined to go herself and check her whereabouts.
Nights came and passed. She had to abide with the rules and laws that was bestowed upon her. Unwillingly  she had to deck up and spend the night with unknown man. Yet again. With every person, she thought she would find a heart and emotion too but she failed and got only stone. She wanted to yell and ask the person to stop but she lay there like a corpse. She did not show any interest nor she managed to move. Scheme of thoughts related to Sheema ran inside her head.

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