Monday, October 27, 2014

Swaras - The Language of Life

Language is a universal expression. It makes one understand opposite person’s emotions and feelings. We have so many languages from old to the new evolving ones, yet why have our country failed to understand each other? The castes and community fights still exists leading to terrorism and extremism. Going to the thought of Gibran, I wonder if seven words could change our society’s thought process and thereby revolutionise our country.
Seven is a lovely number isn’t it? I don’t know if you agree or not but I find it very lucky for me. If you ask me what are the seven golden words that one needs to understand to go about in their life, then what else than seven swaras . In music, these swaras empower each and every Raga. The songs play to the tunes of these swaras. Sa,Re,Ga,Ma,Pa,Da, Ni, make us understand the meaning of life in a very simple form. The Arohanam and Avarohanam are the proper example of ups and downs that one face or confront in their life. Let me put a name to each swaras which will explain for itself.

1.     Sansar : What is life without family? A family is the nexus of emotions, feelings, warmth, fights and laughter. It is actually a picture of life and each day spent with family gives us a new short story. The story is then binded tightly to produce a big book called life. In our bad times, family never leaves our hand. It always provides us support no matter what the situation is. From Sansar comes Sanskruti and from Sanskar and Sanskruti.

2.   Rasana : Light is the essence of life. It gives the meaning to all the darkness that prevails and challenges a hope to one’s soul. For example, earth is nothing if not for sun. Sun brings in the warmth and provides its light to the biosphere. Not only plants benefit, but we as human beings do too. Light efficiently removes the dark evils and radiates its power. In life too, be with those who radiate energy and glow of their soul and not with the negative minded people who suck your energy and glow from yourself.

3.   Guna : Guna or Gun is the character that makes a person or imbibes certain values. These set of values would take him to the door of success or push him to the abyss. So Right Guna or Saatvik Guna is the one which will help a human being grow and prosper. Wrong Guna will always make him suffer.

4.      Mata : Where do you start your life? From where does your cell gets nourishment? Mother’s womb and body. The life is created and nourished or nurtured by his/her mother. Mata is the one who leads our way like a guiding light and imparts learning and development right from the birth. She stays in our life like a torch bearer and keeps on showering us with care and affection.

5.     Prakruti  : One who connect with the nature, connects with oneself. A person who appreciates the little beautiful things of nature knows the beauty of life.  As nature is the world around us, we need to know each and every element of nature and its importance as in how it helps us. In other words, one has to be aware of our mother nature and its forces (wind, eruptions, avalanches, freezes and etc.)

Nature is unfathomable
To the one who closes his/her eyes when he comes in front of it
Nature is unfathomable
To the one who goes on surviving in this planet instead of living”

6.   Daya : Mercy or kindness is the way to express ourselves towards the other. You all must have  read the saying “Treat others the way you want to be treated”. Never be harsh on anyone unless  they are to you. Your shoulders should radiate warmth in every expression of yours. I have seen  quite a few mothers and  children who treat each other in a bad manner. They speak rude that is if  they speak as larger part of the day, they are glued to their whatsapp messages and other    technological breakthroughs. Where has all the Kindness disappeared? I am pretty much active in  twitter. I remember there was a tweet from Kavya (name changed to protect identity). She had  asked everyone to post one kind deed undertaken on that whole day. I was so happy and each day  I tried to be kind and show kindness to the people in and out of the society in order to post my  tweet. I am very happy the way Kavya encouraged others to take part in this noble work and post  their act of kindness. But the sad part is why we are forced to do something. This should come as  natural to each one of us, isn’t it?  Kindness is the emotion which is slowly dying or can only be seen  in few souls. One, thanks to the technology. Two, we have stopped teaching our future generations  to be a kind hearted person. Abraham Lincoln had personally written a letter to his son’s  headmaster. In the letter, he mentioned that he wants his son to be like this and like that. In each and  every line, spark of kindness emitted. In other words, he paid little attention to how much his son  studied or secured good marks, but he wanted his son to be a kind and gentle soul. Show mercy,  let Daya prevail.

As I finished this pointer, I took a break and checked my facebook profile. And guess what? I saw a post and the person is very much irritated with the lack of kindness that she encountered. I quickly recorded it here to make you know how arrogance has covered our society hiding kindness.

Here is the post:

Arrogance seems to be the norm now a days.. Includes literates and illiterate.... Right from the roads to the roadside eateries.... People bully u and push u to the limit where either u have way to them....well disciplined people who want to maintain some decency and decorum, find it difficult to stoop to their level to argue with them.... So finally arrogance wins and they get what they want immediately where as the others who follow the rules have to wait patiently forever or return with empty hands” --------Lalitha Kishore

7.    Nisarg : Our environment is the one who speaks first about ourself to an outside person. What comes in environment? Our surroundings, our friend circle, our neighbours, our home, our society, technology, cultural factors, workplace, books and etc. We as human beings and environment are closely intertwined with each other and thereby maintain the balance or equilibrium in nature. These are the resources that we utilise in close co–ordination. Having said, we should protect our environment or Nisarg to have a healthy lifestyle and better living.

(This post is part of the program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompt that they have provided. The Prompt for today is, " Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?")


  1. Beautiful. Loved the explanations for each swara of life, but especially the ones on light, and how life flows from it (Sun to Earth to Plants to Humans...); and kindness. I find kindness to be a quality that is there in everyone, but expressed by few. You mention of how we're forced to do something, like sharing or posting that kind deed. It'd spread kindness, but I think doing the deed more important than just sharing. So I hope people, even if they don't share, do kind things each day. :)

    1. Thanks so much Vinay for your amazing comments. And you write very well. Keep the good work going. :))