Friday, October 10, 2014

The Dark Closet

Hi everyone, Come join me. I am going to tell a tale based on Fright night. No not here in the open. Please come with me to a dark closet. A place where no one exist except our friends. Do you know them. Come let us meet them. The dark one is G. The sharp toothed one is H. The one with blister faced is  O. The one with twisted head is S and the last little one who does not have legs is T. As we like to be creative, we are using Shaina aunty's closet to talk on our stories. Shaina aunty, our neighbour, has troubled us a lot and always blamed us for many things. Time for a payback.

Every love story includes watching romantic films in its purview but we as a couple love to watch spine chilling horror films. As a child I grew up watching Aahat, Zee horror show and other thriller serials with my brother. We used to wait for different horror stories to appear on screen.  The haunted noises that any palace would give, the distorted faces, ugly looking aunties, one eyed monster that a ghost would have, a mirror that lay broken with a name written across in blood , 13 numbered room and many such ghost stories were the enjoyable sessions that my brother and I shared. My parents never supported  us  but we used to watch during our dinner hours or hours after our study time. The story did not stop there. After the end of the episode, we used to discuss endlessly about what would come next. We used to make our own stories and share with each other. We would  even scare one another in the middle of the night by singing and whispering odd noises from the show. That was then and after that we gradually progressed to watch some of the spooky films of Hollywood. We would watch it on TV or Internet hiding from the eyes of our parents. The movies like The Entity, The Waking Dead and The Haunting at Connecticut, All parts of movie 'The Grudge' , The Ring (to mention some) amazed me with its eerie premises and wanted to know more about what lay behind the curtains.

What I love most in Horror films?

How often did you get scared by seeing any spooky images or listening to tales of a desperate and unsatisfied ghosts? As a child one fears hearing a ghost stories and seeing the images of the walking ghosts. But I always found it fascinating. I have never read any horror novels yet as I loved watching them in real. The visuals made it more enjoyable than reading them in any fiction novel. In this genre, I don't feel that any author does much justice to the story as well as a role played by a ghosts. Films always scored more than any book in a sphere of horror. The feeling that it keeps on an edge, the reaction that any viewer is about to experience, the aspects like wind turning a candle off, haunted mansion, a painting or a portrait of a person, the  missed call of an unknown stranger, the shadow in the basement, the non operating elevator or the elevator missing one floor, the storage room with a strange doll, the lonely corridor and other such deadly stories interested and attracted me.

What I never liked about Horror films in Hindi Cinema?

The Hindi Cinema failed to portray the correct image of Horror world. It always ran over the peripheries and forgot to focus on the main core. Also, the horror stories often meandered to the world of A-rated cinema and lot of bodyshow. I really think that the directors and the movie makers did not get the right definition of the genre and failed to understand the concept of it and often made horrendous horror dramas with cheap porn. It failed to create a distinct image in our minds and therefore lost royally in the chartbusters.

The Ghosts of our pasts

There are not only the ghosts which we see in the films carry weight in my life. Also there are others. We all know that our pasts haunt us in various forms and puts a brake in our daily functioning of our lives. These are the ghosts which gives one a tough time. One is always scared of these ghosts and would say that he/she never fully gets over from these pasts. Though these ghosts come as a thief at night and steal oneself from themselves, these ghosts give us a hope and gives us an experience so that one does not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. These ghosts will remain a part of our lives and will make us strong in our walks of our lives.

At the outset, I am in awe of the ghosts. They give life to the films. As I said, I liked fright nights, I like it now and I will like it in future.

(As I finish the story, I see my friends' eyes and ears glued to my face. They are happy as well as tired. Time to go home and sleep under the warm blanket.)

Shaina Aunty comes in. She gets a call from her neighbour. Her daughter died due to some unnatural reasons. Shaina Aunty cried and opened her dark closet to get something. She saw a book and a broken knife with blood on its blade. She flipped the pages and saw something written in the middle of the book. It read " YOU ARE NEXT, BE READY FOR YOUR DEATH"

This post is part of the program where the aim is to post at least once a day based on the prompt that they have provided. The Prompt for today is, " Do you like being scared by books, films, and surprises? Describe the sensation of being scared, and why you love it — or don’t." 


  1. I've not been a fan of horror movies in any language, but I do watch them. And I agree with you that the ones in Hindi have no scare factor, more of the bare factor. Childhood holds some scary story memories too :) Reading Goosebumps under the blanket with a torchlight was something both my sister and I did.

    1. Wow under the blanket with torchlight sounds awesome too. Yes I have hardly met people who like horror genre. Thanks for reading Vinay. It means a lot. :)

  2. I reckon most Indian "horror" movies - I'm talking about original ones, not adapted from Hollywood or other South east Asian languages - lack the spook factor. And it shows. And these days, even the "ghost/spirit/vampire - whatever they may be" are doing an item number too :P
    But yes, I've never been a fan, nor probably will be of the horror genre. But strangely, I like writing about it. Interesting post to start off your 365 debut Saranya :) Welcome to the club.

    1. That line of Item numbers made me laugh. We would be seeing it soon in our hindi movies. Thanks Sid for your lovely comment. Yes Cheers for our club!