Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A New Day has come

The wintry morning smelled of new blossoms. The air grew moist but touched the skin gently. The blue radiant sky with thousands of birds all over went on to make a picture so perfect that one could paint a memory worth millions of years. Such was that day when that very moment left  us with new whiff of air. A new thought, a new idea, a new leaf , a new cream that surrounds the milk, and all things were new. The sunlight beamed and gleamed and the shadow of divine light entered the drawing room filtering the shades that were drawn. The light was new. I heard that rains were lashing the city of Chennai and  I could hear the sounds of water lapping in Mumbai. The sound of rain was new. The birds in front of my balcony huddled and rested in the thick nest that they made yesterday. They were all of four and together their happiness saw no bounds. The nest was new. The sprawling green lawns enveloped the vibrant flowers. The hues of green were new.  I took in the freshness of air that filled my senses and went in to develop a march of energy. The energy was new. The pavements were grey but the greenery never stopped to bring a new life. The life was new. The milk was boiled and I made a quick cup of coffee. The scent of coffee wafted in the air and entered the nostrils. The coffee scent was new. He came and today our togetherness spoke many volumes. The affection was new. Suddenly I was new. I breathed newness and the lips touched the corner of my eyes. My smile was new.