Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Bridge Builders of Modern Age

In a chasm where the sullen tide never stopped, there came a bridge builder who persistently worked and came forward to build a bridge to pave a way for the future trespassers. He already crossed that way but leaving all his duties in hand, stood there to help others. A good Samaritan isn't it? This is the famous poem written by Will Allen Droomgoole which earned significant and rave reviews in the era where poetic literature was the food and soul of writers and poets. It sends out a message to be generous and helpful towards others.  

If one wans to illustrate the above mentioned popular poem, what is better to choose than the flood affected India's fourth largest metro, Chennai. The culturally inclined city which is known for the historical locations, holy shrines and ports was severely affected by the heavy downpours. A simple idiom ' Raining cats and dogs ' cannot define its intensity. There was lot of damage for the rich as well as poor. The natural disaster proved that everybody is equal and there is no classification as rich and poor. Everybody became poor in a matter of seconds. The cars, debit and credit cards, money, big palatial house, and status was totally submerged in the sullen pouring waters. Families were displaced all over and some of the families who remained together could not make it and lost completely. The pours alone were not heavy but the grieving hearts became heavy too. The gory act of nature drowned plenty of homes and still maintaining its hold in the act. There was moist felt in the social networking sites too and not only in the eyes of those displaced people's eyes as it came forward to join hands when no amount of coverage and public attention was given to the gruesome calamity which shook heaven and earth. Even though things were far from normal and the roads are still under several feet of water, humanity found a bigger place in everybody's hearts. Though lives of so many children ( physically abled and disabled) have turned nightmare, they learnt a bigger lesson through this. That is how exchanging love and help gains valuable points than anger and violence.  

If respect is what one bridge builder earned in his life and even though it is based on fictional account of the poet, for me, Chennai's people spirit is the image drawn and a role model set up for the future mankind. Now I can say that I have seen and known many bridge builders who are from different walks of life. Salute to humanity and zeal that drew them together in the toughest time in the last 100 years.  

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