Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Girl in Rains.................This is the temporary book title. Will let you know once i come across a suitable one.

Corporate life or personal life? Do the crazy four letter word called 'LOVE' exists in life’s dictionary or is it only myth? What you people think?? How this 4 letter word should be recognized or realized?? What happens when an enormous empire is given to someone to handle and at the same time some kind of emotional turmoil embraces you. Meet Anushree Seshadri, a busy corporate professional. standing tall, lithe, and suave , walking in the busy streets of Mumbai. She works in plush office , deals with overseas clients, She coordinates meetings with industry’s top honchos, manages teleconferences in weekends to check the status of the team’s progress. She is a senior manager sales and marketing, aims to become a vice president in near future. Here comes the twist when her corporate career is taking off,she is forced to take a difficult decision. Destiny offers her 3 situations which miraculously change her world. Find out which one she chooses. Check out the destiny’s crazy and interesting offer which will change her life completely.

The above is the extract of my Book..........If you truly like the theme, please post be with you kind reply. I Thank you with my heart.

Compiled Series....


  1. Superb theme... Quite interesting. Making me want to read and know the story further.... Looking forward to it!

  2. Thank you so much dear.........I feel encouraged....Part 1 coming soon::))))) Keep writing and reading:)

  3. Interesting theme. But tell me is your "book" going to be on the blog? If yes then you can count me as a reader.

  4. Yes defintely I am coming up with first part soon......Thank you so much meera....Your words are encouraging :))

  5. Wow! That is a great news.Looking forward to reading the first part.The extract makes the wait look longer Haha

    1. Yes Partha...Even Am too excited....Tomorrow you will find First part:))