Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Problems - Are they Problem anymore ??

What is a problem? The one which can be solved. Aint it? So please be happy that somehow or the other it is gonna get solved. Only if you put in some action and act upon the same. Every Problem comes with a suitable solution and we human make a fuzz about it way too much. We make mountain out of the molehill and after many years, we come to the realization that the problem was so easy that we wasted our energy for such a petty issue.
"Every Problem comes with a valuable gift in its won way. "
If we take the example: The Person A had a job relocation in the second year of his job period. He was relocated from a metro city to a two tier city. He was not able to adjust ot adapt to the new environment. Though the life was flowing smooth for him, his mind was inviting tension of some sort. In this scenario, his mind acts as a barrier to move and explore the new change. Likewise, human mind is the only obstacle and shows resistance to change. This was not a problem if he ceases to think it that point of view. He only needed the change of outlook. After few while, A got promotion and was put into the new role. His job profile was diversified. This change came with a unexpected miracle in his life. Most of them do not move out of their comfort zone. That is the crux of the issue. Life is so simple, its we who make it complicated. We concentrate on the peripheries rather the core of the circle. Thats when it becomes too much to handle.

If we strike it right at the center, it gets solved as it is. Hence in many circumstances, if we cease to think it as problem, the problem ceases to evolve or else it would grow way higher and come in our path that it would be too difficult to move it. We should be thankful to the universe that some issue is popping at us. It gives an opportunity to think better, take challenges and conquer new territories. As the line goes,

“Every minus is half of plus.” Stop focusing on negative aspects and missing the beauty of life.

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