Saturday, May 17, 2014

Everyone's sport, My Dream

The thing which i haven’t tried yet and would surely want to try out one day would be swimming. If you ask me why not I have tried this sport yet, the answer would be fear or hydro phobia. I am afraid of water. Water which I love drinking, love watching fall on to the surface, love splashing over the loved ones, love mixing fruit syrups to drink, and love sprinkling on my beautiful plants, etc. That same water poses as a threat when I watch it in the swimming pool spread across the length and breadth. As a kid, I used to watch my fellow mates throw themselves in water and get a fresh feel inside the pool. I envied them and wanted to be with them in that same pool. That went as a dream. Today I feel if I got an opportunity to develop this sport, I would definitely give it a try and excel on it. This was my hope. And this dream sustains.

(This is written as a part of Daily Writing Prompts of wordpress)


  1. That's summing up well.. I wish you are able to make this dream of yours a reality!

    1. Thanks a lot Me .yeah let this biggest fear would turn out to be good soon:))