Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Peek at the classic Little Women

"I don't see how you can write and act such splendid things, Jo. You're a regular Shakespeare!" exclaimed Beth, who firmly believed that her sisters were gifted with wonderful genius in all things.

                     The book’ Little women’ was one of the finest classics of olden times. It talks about how little girls (March sisters) led their beautiful life in world war times. By taking enough responsibilities on their shoulders, they waited for their father to finish his duty towards the country and come back. Each girl had particular talent which defined them.
 If one was good at music, another was bibliophile. Amy’s confidante was Meg aka Margaret and Beth’s confidante was Jo. I found Jo’s character very interesting. Although each sister had wonderful talents stored inside them, Jo’s talent was the one with which I could relate or connect. She was independent, practical, and funny. She had dogmatic views on all topics. She was the strongest female character in the book. Her writings connected with Shakespeare and such great authors. Her anger towards Amy and the way she teased her shows the tender relationship between sisters. We all fight with our sisters but we don’t carry that baggage throughout our lifetime. Likewise, though Jo and Amy were always picking at each other, their love and affection was deeply ingrained.

                     Meg was a role model to Amy. As she was a elder sister, she taught the girls how to behave and carry out the duties effectively. Beth was a homely and flowerlike girl among all. She loved music and aspired to become one of the best musicians. She practiced keyboard after finishing her household chores which majorly involved knitting, cleaning, tending plants and flowers etc. Each of them had their own aspirations and dreams and their distinct personality interests us and makes this book unputdownable. They called their mom Marmie and worshiped her. In the absence of their father, their mother showed them the manner to walk in the path of life. 

                   This is my little book which keeps me going and gives me immense pleasure while reading. On the surface, this book surely scores to must have category. If you think that as the name goes, it will be related to children, then you are wrong. One of the realities of mankind and life are well portrayed. This book enlists relationship, friendship, memories, dreams, hopes and separation inside it. The happy and sad lives of four girls are nicely shown. As the story goes, the childhood memories gives us a good laugh and smile on her face but at the same time some of the harsh realities makes us bleed. For example, it happens when Jo and Laurie did not end up together. 

                  This book gives us a look at author’s life as the events on the book pretty much revolves around her life. For some of us, this book acts as a rule book and certain valuable quotes should be noted on our diary for reference. One should definitely read this book and get themselves a good treat and food for their thoughts. Love Louisa May Alcott. And Love my little women. Our childhood is the glorious days of our life. Let’s enjoy and make it more memorable like these young girls did.

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