Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Part 2 - Four women, One life

Introduction of Protogonists 3&4

Rags (Ragini) - Chennai

Tendrils of smoke from her tea cup formed patterns that Ragini sipped in her plush house. She watched television and the hot news of Srushti house flashed in front of her eyes. The famous Advertising agency declined her promotion though she struggled and slogged and surrendered her soul for the company. The promotion was granted to Mr. Rajiv and his experience worked against this recognition and did not make him to be a deserved candidate. The glass ceiling showed the ugly head and Ragini was heart broke of this news. Now they were holding a press to talk about this new development in the organization. “Shame on them”, she thought. Back home, she had to cope with her alcohol addict mom who had to visit rehabs frequently. Furious, she switched off the television and closed her eyes. Listening to her cell beep, she shot her eyes to her mobile. She leapt from the sofa and checked her email at once. Her email was answered. “That was not an email but manna from heaven”, she thought gleefully


Norah – Singapore

Love was not on the cards when Norah entered corporate life. Even though she maintained a significant length from the heart issues, lot of guys followed her and proposed her. She let go all of them and concentrated on her career. Career progression was the main focus all her life. Meetings, deadlines, phone conferences, client visits etc brimmed her life and paved no entry to any social life. But today was different. Norah was sitting in the airport waiting room, flipping the pages of the magazine. She lifted her gaze and tied her hair in bun and that very moment she saw...she saw. She saw children playing and fighting with each other and their parents smiling and laughing at them. A boy was leaving his girlfriend (so she thought) and going out of country and the girl hugged and cried. An elderly woman shook her hands with every member of her family while leaving them outside the waiting area. Norah’s eyes were transfixed. Seeing those moments, she was touched. She thought, “How flippant she was all her life”. When life poured  over her with lots of love and affection, she ignored everything and paced towards her career. Amidst her busy days, her life lay alone and cornered. She lifted her bag and moved ahead towards her flight. She thought,” she was doing a right thing signing up for much needed vacation”. Norah slowed down her path. So did her busy life.