Sunday, May 25, 2014

Four Women, One Life - Part One

 Introduction to the Protagonists ( 2 out of 4) - 

Kyra - London

It was a breezy evening.  The sun gleamed and indicated its presence. Time had come and it had to bid goodbye for the day. Gradually it hid behind the sky and its absence marked the entry of white beauty. It was half past seven and Kyra drove her car with full speed. The kohl on her eyes made her look beautiful and the strand of the hair behind her ears had a stubborn quality as it touched her cheeks even though if it was ordered to go back to its own place. The grip on the steering was so bold that she was determined to carry out her plan. The tears which stood at the corner of the eyes did not choose to leave her but stayed and made her vision blur. Along with her vision, her dreams started to blur and grow dim.  In a fraction of a second, she lost it. The life which she embraced with a broad smile marked complete disappointment. The player in her car that played the song “when you gonna stop breaking my heart” made her heart beat stop for a second and she could see the pieces of her heart with the breeze. Like sand dunes, it too formed various shapes. She could hear the sudden thud and the vehicle came to a halt. There came Heathrow Airport.

Anisha – Pune

The street lights were shining bright in the city. It was like somebody watching you in the dead of the night. The night sky hinted rains and lightening started to descend from the clouds. The peaceful night was disturbed by sudden gush of rain showers. The rains started to wash away the dust particles in the air and ground. It surpassed the umbrella and fell on the ground and gave an earthy mud scent all over the place. For people, it was like breathing after sweat stewed battle of scorching summer. The showers filled the heart with joy. But the tear shower from Anisha’s eyes made her heart heavy. She thought,” one more night with solitude”. Slowly closing the French windows, she listened to the rains from inside her bedroom. The warmth and company that rains gave her was incomparable. Only for that day, her loneliness disappeared and gave her a sense of happiness. She had a look at the tabloid and circled one classified. The classified read “ Dorothy Mansion” , United States of America – wanted tenants. She heaved a sigh of relief and dialled the number of Dorothy which was printed below the ad.